Dual HD computer

I am using a 1 year old computer with a 250 gb SSD C drive that Windows and all programs are mounted on and a 1TB D drive that is the data drive.

My goal is to use Zorin. All of the D drive has been backed up.

When I install Zorin, will it install on the C drive and then use the D drive for data or how does this work? Do I need to do anything to get the data onto the D drive, or what is the best set up?

Hey @AT100!
The key question would be: do you want only Zorin on your system or do you want to dual-boot between Zorin and Windows?

The goal is to use Zorin with Windows in the VM are you described earlier. Eventually, eliminate the VM with Windows once I get out of Quicken

When I go to install Zorin, what do I do with the C and D drives as described above?

Thanks for the help

Hey @AT100,

A while back I posted a tutorial on installing Windows from inside Linux.

Mind you, the versions have changed since, so it will be wise to get the new version instead of the now outdated one. I’ll be doing a video on that too.

Per your C and D drives, your Zorin installation can normally see them in your File Manager, under the “Other Locations”. Naturally, they’re not named C and D, so you’ll have to open them to see which folders you’ll need. In the Windows installation one, your required folders are under Users (and your login username).

In order to utilize those folders under the VM, you will need to add them as shared - or simply connect them only to the VM as devices, provided the device you connect does not have Zorin installed (even in another partition).

Thanks for the info. You have been a great help.

At this point, I want ot use only Zorin Pro.

When I install Zorin Pro, will it install to the smaller drive (C) and use the larger drive (D) for data or will it try to use just the C or D drives?

Do I have to relocate any of the directories (/home, for example) after installation to have the data sotred on the larger drive?

I am not clear on how to maximize the use of both drives.

Thank you

You are very welcome @AT100,
There is an easy method to do this. Boot normally into your Zorin and start Disks (or Gnome Disks - as they are the same app). Then select your big drive and follow the steps of the images below.

First, make a folder you want the drive to mount on:

mkdir ~/big_drive

Then, go to Disks and follow the images below (select your big drive and then the bar as shown on the image):

On the new window that pops, do the following:

Important: Replace the “your_username” in the picture above with your actual username folder, found in the /home directory - otherwise it will not automatically mount.

After that, your D drive should mount automatically on the designated folder after every reboot. To mount it during your current session, look at the first picture attached and click the “Play” button that will exist left of the gear icon I highlighted. If it’s already mounted, there will be a “Stop” (square) button. Hit it and then the button will turn into a Play one (Triangle). Hit it so that it mounts on the new location.

I hope this helps.

I think that I understand how it will work now and what I need to do. Will get back to you in several days after I try it. Thank you very much for your patience and help!

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It’s always my pleasure, @AT100! Take your time. :slight_smile: