Drivers for a Logitech Mouse?

I have a Logitech G203 Prodigy Gaming Mouse that worked beautifully in Windows. Now on my Mint/Cinnamon system, it tends to doubleclick everything whether I want it to or not. It deletes “extra” emails in Thunderbird, tries to post entries on my Moneydance software prematurely, is “wonky” in Minecraft, etc. I have concluded that it needs better drivers, but the Logitech website has no help. Has anyone figured out a fix for something like this? Or must I just replace the mouse?

Hey, @PrettyGranny!
Logitech and Linux has been a match made in stormy seas for some time. However, independent developers have done some good job trying to smooth the… waters!

I’ve had my share of Logitech mice in my life and right now I have a trusty G600. I did some research on your mouse and it does have some settings that can make its keys behave like a hamster on crack. So, you’re right to bring this up!

I found this guy in Netherlands who found a nice workaround with some free app on Linux, which I believe you can benefit from. I’m attaching the link below: :slight_smile:

I followed the instructions and installed Piper (Flatpack), and have done quite a bit of fiddling with the settings, but it still doubleclicks when I mean to single click. It is very possible to set the settings to the “hamster on crack” description you describe! Almost impossible to manage, even to change the settings back! I don’t think I can tweak the settings enough to fix the issue, though. I’m completely stumped, and think I’ll have to replace the mouse. Does your “trusty G600” behave better in Linux, or will I have to mess with settings for it if I get one? (I looked it up on the Logitech site, and Wow! What on earth do you use all those buttons for?)

:laughing: I used to be an MMO player, so I had every key mapped to a different function! The G600 works out of the box. I only load up a custom app if I want to map them all into something different. However, it works very nicely without anything extra. I haven’t tried any of the new Logitech Mice though. I suppose the one you have is for FPS (First Person Shooters), where people want to tap the mouse and produce more mouse clicks for… rapid fire!

Heh I’m not a FPS-type person. I do better with Minecraft. However, one of the side keys has been handy as a “talk” key for Discord. I’m still fiddling with settings to see if I can’t make this mouse more functional for my needs. I appreciate your help!

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My pleasure @PrettyGranny! As always! Hopefully, you’ll find that sweet spot so that you don’t double-triple-quadruble-click on everything! :wink:

I have adjusted and adjusted on this mouse. I have set it so slow that it drives me nuts and it STILL doubleclicks things! I think I’ll have to get another one. I don’t need one with umpteen buttons like yours, @vasileios, but I would really like to still have one side button, at least. Is there a company that makes mice better suited to Linux than Logitech? Looking for recommendations here.

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If you want a wired one that has excellent performance, I would recommend a Corsair one. It works out of the box, but if you ever need to re-program some keys, there’s a Linux app for it - which I used before. :slight_smile:

I just received my new Corsair mouse. This is pretty nice! And no more inadvertent double-clicks! Thanks!

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That is awesome! Enjoy! :smiley: