Download Video Capability

I setup Ubuntu. I am unable to play video. I went to a website to watch a live training but could not. I received a message that I need Adobe Flash. I can’t watch video on YouTube and other sites. Help.


Hello @ladyih05!
This is odd. Usually Ubuntu comes in loaded with video codecs. Also, Flash has been discontinued and is no longer supported by the majority of content players.

However, there is always a solution.

One of them is by installing all available video codecs, which will be automatically embedded in all applications within your Ubuntu environment.

You can find the process here:

If that doesn’t help, open up the terminal and type:

sudo apt install vlc

Please let me know how that goes. :slight_smile:

Good morning Vasileios,

I finally got the video to work. Thank you so much.

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Perfect! I’m so happy to hear that and you’re most welcome! :slight_smile: