Domains and word press problem


I’m trying to create a website on word press (word ops?) following along with the demo from workshop 4 part 2. I tried using a domain name I own through godaddy that’s not my actual current website (which is currently hosted by wix) but which goes there if you type in.
Right now the terminal says this: point to the IP (numbers) but your server IP is (numbers).
Use the flag --force to bypass this check.
You have to set the proper DNS record for your domain
Aborting SSL certificate issuance

Any help with what this means? I don’t know what a DNS record is… Should I use a new domain name? If so, don’t I need to buy it through somewhere?

Thanks for any help!

@Jen, if you are trying to host your site on your own VPS, you might want to first watch Lesson 024 (maybe listed after Workshop 10) a few times, download the PDF so it’s easier to follow, and start from scratch again.

I took me 2, 3 days because waiting time may be necessary during the process.

Thank you @Ai! I am trying to that exactly, so I’ll skip ahead to that one now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Jen, your are most welcome! Make sure to take it easy on yourself during the process!

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Thank you @Ai. Good advise to use for so many things! I did watch it and oh my. I decided to go back and watch everything up to that point. I’m about halfway and inspired to go more quickly.

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@Jen, you are most welcome. I learned the “take it easy” lesson the hard way and I’m constantly reminding myself to do so. :slight_smile:

When you are through, let me know so we can celebrate together! :nerd_face:

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