DNS UN De-platforming

Butcute’s Ice Age farmer reports via Twitter that the UN’s anti terror Dept are de-platforming by making the DNS disappear. If true, I am sure we’ll be hearing more in the coming days.

They might try it, that’s for sure. Though it will take its time. However, this could prove a bit harder if you host your own DNS in your own server. I’m prepping a way on how to do that.

Additionally, there’s the new Name Server resolution, which is called ENS (Etherium Name Server), which is under the blockchain. That can not be deplatformed, no matter what. The newer extensions, like .xyz, .pro, etc are compatible with it.

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Thank you Vasileios and after watching last Saturday’s workshop, I’d like to say “WELCOME to The USA - we are blessed to now have you on our shores, we have gained a true Patriot.”

That is very helpful info and I’m going to reserve a few more CheapName domain names with those extensions. When you are ready to offer the workshop on VPS’s. I will not miss it.

I appreciate all you do for us,


Hi Vasileios, I have a website that is a .com and I was thinking about getting an .xyz of the same name. Is that an ok thing to do? I am working towards creating my own website ( I have my vps) and getting away from wix and I thought I may use the .xyz with the new site. Could you share your thoughts about this with me? If it is a good idea, where would I go to do this?

Hey @verbeckjer!
Thank you so much for your encouraging and welcoming words! I truly love this country and I have zero desire to see it suffer as I’ve witnessed throughout my years.

On the full server VPS, I already uploaded the course a few hours ago (it took a while to build, due to the number of parameters and my limited time) on the LMS. It also has a 27-page step-by-step guide, so that you have all the necessary info. :slight_smile:

Hey @Connie!
Yes, you can easily do so. You can either register the .xyz domain on your current registrar or go to Epik. I hear many are using it nowadays. Per your own website, I believe the new Lesson 24 will help you out with all the details. :slight_smile:

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