Distro maintenance

I would like to suggest that either as part of the Linux for Beginners class or just in general for everyone, a class or a document be provided that discusses how once Linux is installed, what should be done to maintain it. I have questions such as: does using the desktop Software Updater provide the same result as sudo apt update? Do we need to do anything for a Kernal update, distro updates, or major app update like Nextcloud? What about when running our own Ubuntu server? Does the system need ‘cleaned’ from time to time? I found an article (8 Ways to Maintain a Clean, Lean Ubuntu Machine - Make Tech Easier) that says we should do various maintenance functions. I trust you guys more than a rando on the web. Thanks


Thank you for the idea @ronbillock!
The guy in the link goes into extended lengths, most of which are not needed. The maintenance process is generally simple to do, with the exception of manually installed drivers via GitHub. I might try to sneak in a DKMS (Dynamic Kernel Module Support) part in there. What this does is automate driver compilation into modules whenever a kernel upgrade takes place.