Distro hopping to Nitrux OS

I’m thinking about distro hopping to Nitrux OS. I’m curious if anyone is currently using it, or has tried it, and what their opinions are. The reviews are mixed, and average out to 7.6 out of 10 on DistroWatch. If anyone has any pros vs cons on it let me know.

Interesting. There are so many of them that I lost count! A Debian-based (I like that) with Calamares? Quite an interesting combination!

How is its update frequency?

Says “Fixed” for their release model. Also uses Appimage on top of DEB. UI looks nice. Never used it, but looks interesting. Only thing that concerns me is the fact that its based on the unstable version of Ubuntu.

The unstable version of Ubuntu doesn’t sound too good. In my humble opinion, if you’re to go unstable, go bleeding-edge tech with Arch. :wink:

Now I have an external SSD sitting from my previous video and I’m trying to resist between Arch and Gentoo.

I was actually thinking about Arch as well. So many options, so little time. I’ll post an update on Nitrux. Do we have a section for distro reviews?

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You can use this category. I will add a Reviews tag.

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Seems I’ll need to have a topic to make the tag stick. Once you do a review, I’ll tag it and then it’ll be around. :blush:


Manjaro GNOME is really fun, but it was a little unstable for my needs, so I switched back to Mint. Kinda miss pacman honestly. Lol

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I hear you there. Manjaro is great, but it’s a bit jumpy.