Disable Windows Copilot via Registry Key

I was asked to post this information here. The company I work for has disabled Windows Copilot and blocked it on all of our workstations. The MS InTune policy they implemented sets this registry key on all workstations if you want to implement the same in your organization. From my user experience, this seems to be successful from all appearances:



I’m interested in this, but not being an IT person, how would I implement this on my stand alone laptop that is still running Win10?
Input the above string (command?) somewhere in the registry key?
Not being familiar enough with the registry key, I would be concerned about messing up something unaware unless I have some kind or resource/guide/help.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this. Anyone can correct my comments!

This would be a Registry Edit!
From a Run or command prompt area of Win10 you’d type REGEDIT.
(This might also work in the search box)

From there, this is like a expand folder format. The above line starts left to right and each expanded section is separated with the / symbol to show you the separation.

Someone could post a command that would update that particular string…
But in the off chance it doesn’t exist there it might add complications.

You simple open REGEDIT and start traversing down till you find the WindowsAI section. Then finding the Copilot tag… You change this from On to Off.
(Assuming because I can’t see the previous above Post on my phone while typing).

Note: Any edits or changes to the Registry are immediate and do not require some sort of “SAVE”. But this area of change should not cause catastrophic issues!!

Good Luck!

To quickly describe the expand tree of REGEDIT…


I believe the ./ is meant to be expanding the +Microsoft then +Windows

Afterward would be +User then +Vendor then +MSFT

Etc… until you get to the +WindowsAI

Hope this explanation helps!