Digital wallets / P2P merchant trading

Hi everyone,

I’ve started looking into getting a digital wallet, and learning more about peer-to-peer trading. Just wondering if anyone has any experience in where to start. I’ve come across an open-source digital wallet, made by Blockstream (Blockstream Green: Simple and secure Bitcoin wallet). Not sure if I’m on the right track…this one says it can work with other digital currencies, not just bitcoin, i think…



Coinbase is pretty simple to start with as they will accept US dollar for all types of Crypto. I would use a Trezor if you wish to take the crypto to cold storage. Exodus is another that works with Trezor and can be installed on a phone or linux pc. For daily use you might want to try Fold or Strike as they reward you with Satoshi’s for every dollar you spend and can be placed on your iOS or Android phones as acceptable cards like a credit card and will scan NFC to payment pads.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for helping me. I’ll check them out. The Trezor sounds like a good idea