DeskMini UM700 × Manjaro Linux components

Blueghost05 recently posted the chat channel re: the DeskMini UM700 with Manjaro Linux pre-installed. I was very excited about the CPU using AMD, but later watched a Youtube review that mentioned this mini uses and Intel AX600 Wifi 6 card (that can be changed out if you want). I remember in one of the Linux for Beginners classes that AMD is what you want rather than Intel core. At the time of the class, however, it didn’t seem there were many reasonably priced options using AMD out there. However, I’m wondering now if the Intel AX600 Wifi 6 card creates any security compromise for this mini. I’ve been looking for a mini and want to work with Manjaro – so this seemed like a dream come true until the question of the Intel component arose. Thanks for any info anyone may have on this topic. Here’s the url for this mini: Minisforum DeskMini UM700 × Manjaro Linux Mini PC

Hey @famcoll!
I checked the device (it wouldn’t let me connect via VPN for some reason), but I was able to see it nonetheless. It looks like a great device to have. Per the WiFi 6, I wouldn’t worry that much from a security standpoint. You can always connect it directly to a router via cable and keep the WiFi disabled. The speed will be much better and you won’t have to deal with the electromagnetic waves.
Are you looking to implement it as a server or a gaming computer?

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Neither a server nor a gaming computer, really. I had installed Manjaro KDE on an old laptop, but couldn’t really get the feel of its capabilities. This just looked like an amazing opportunity to play with the distro given the mini had the AMD, had Manjaro pre-installed and had good specs otherwise. I need to get something new and this just might be it! Thanks for your help, Vasileios!

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In that scenario, it’s a great choice and you are most welcome! :slight_smile:

@famcoll It looks like you got your answer from Vasileios.

The only problem I’m know about with AMD might be with their having an Nvidia graphics card, which is what I have in my Asus desktop pc. That’s not related do wi-fi. I don’t personally know of any other problem with using AMD pcs with Linux, but there could be. It’s working for me.

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Thanks for that reminder. The graphics card in this mini is not Nvidia, so maybe I can dodge that bullet!

Just wanted you to know that I am definitely going to buy one of these, but in my research discovered that I also need a new router! A good friend of mine, who is a computer genius (she’s also Greek!) is loading me up with the specs on two routers to buy so I can then configure them and separate a lot of activities/devices coming and going over wifi from this house. I had no idea! Luckily, she’ll be on hand to help me configure! She’s a die hard Mac user who also has to use PCs at work, but I see her armor beginning to crack the more I tell her of what I am learning every week about Linux. The info on the Intel ME chip has really knocked her off her chair. I can hear the disgust in her voice 1) that it’s there and 2) that she didn’t know about it. She also had never heard of Apple’s client side scanning (per Rob Braxman) that occurs on phones before the data hits a VPN. She is my best friend, but she’s not happy with all this new info I’m dumping on her mostly because she was always the one who was “up on everything about security.” I don’t think this is what JP meant about being an ambassador, but I am having wonderful long chats with her about new topics!


Thank you so much for everything you’re doing, @famcoll!
I know exactly how you feel. It was but a few years ago that I became aware of these intrusive components inside the CPUs. Thankfully, the new providers out there, like System76, and Purism are disabling them in their products.

So far, I’ve thrown Windows out completely, minus the “spider-webbed” drive I keep for TurboTax, only. I still have a couple of MacBook Pros for some of the video work that I do, but everything else is on Linux. I just need to be able to gather enough money to settle on a Linux workstation. I could use the normal one I have, but that one is configured for our courses… so, there’s that! :laughing:

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