Dell Latitude E5430 - Should I buy this for Ubuntu Install?

On Craigslist in my area, someone is selling their laptop for $100. I want to have one laptop that is 100% Linux as I already have a desktop that’s partitioned Window 8/Ubuntu (for work).

Here’s the ad’s description:

Intel Core i5 3230M CPU @2.60Ghz
8GB DDR3 dual-channel Memory
64-bit Windows 10 Pro
Intel HD Graphics 4000
320MB Hard Drive with only 89 days of total use time.
DVD/CD Player/burner

The owner had formatted it and then installed Windows 10. I’ll call him to ask the year as the ad does not say. I also need to ask the size of the monitor, and if it’s matte (I prefer matte).

Your thoughts on buying this laptop? Would you?

Never mind, ha ha, I just saw the 320MB Hard Drive.

Thanks anyway.

It’s probably a 320GB hard drive. Depending on where you’re shopping, people who post things sometimes “fat finger” the MB and GB designation. This would be a great machine for Ubuntu! I would double check with the seller first though! lol

Thanks, SBHX, I will call the seller. Could be a typo. Just found out he has another ad on CL saying he buys used laptops. Been a computer guy in our area since 1996. He seems to refurbish old laptops and sells them pretty cheap but with Windows installed, Lol!


I agree with @SBHX here. 320MB is not enough for Windows to install its own boot-loader! :laughing:

Otherwise, the system looks good!

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Thanks for your reply!

Now, as an Apple Mac FanGrrrl… I’m thinking of installing on an old (not too old) MacBookPro, because I love the hardware and the keyboard keys.

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I hear you there! I noticed that about MacBook Pros. They’re a breeze to work on - and I’m quite picky about the interface. And you’re welcome!

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