Dell Laptops

Hi, I found these at a local electronic supply store and can pick them up if anyone is looking for an inexpensive laptop, I can pick it up and ship to you. They do not have an operating system installed, so i can leave as is if you want to install your own, or I can install the distro of your choice before shipping for no extra charge. I have one right now with Linux Mint installed and ready to ship, and can get more as needed.
$100 or best offer, free shipping USPS 3-5 day.

Let me know what payment option you would like to use, which OS if you want one installed, and if you want the SSD or HD.

i’m brand new to all of this, just learned of this forum a few days ago. I might be interested in the Linux Mint one. Is it still available?

Hi. Yes, i have a one still available and can install Linux Mint on it. I have one with 250GB HDD or I can get one with a 128GB SSD.

Do you know which version of Mint you want (Cinnamon, Mate, Xfce)?


i’m so new, i have no idea. Let me do a little research… hey btw, i think i saw from another post that you are in Tucson, is that still the case? I just moved here, to Oro Valley.

Yes, im on the East side near Tanque Verde.

If your not sure which OS, while your researching, also check out Zorin and Manjaro, as well as Mint. All three are great for starting out. I have Zorin on my desktop and one laptop, and Manjaro on my de-googled Chromebook.

Let me know what you decide or if you need any other help.

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Is this something you do on a regular basis? Like a shoppers assistant? I am definitely interested. I would be doing my own OS install. Payment options?

Hi. While I usually have one or two on hand, I currently only have one that I’m working on now, it needs some TLC. I will check with my supplier to see what he has available. I will be out of town from 1/24 till 2/10, but if you are interested, I can go by there tomorrow if he has any in stock and pick one up. Are you located near Tucson, or will I need to ship it to you?
They usually come without an OS so I can leave it as is if you want to install your own, or i can install for you.
As for payment options, I have PayPal or can accept a check, or let me know what you have and I can see if I can make it work. My credit Union doesn’t do Zelle so i think that’s the only thing I cant accept.


No great rush. Keep us posted with what you find. The title of this thread is “Dell Laptops”. Is that the only brand you handle?

Up in freezing Maine, so yes to shipping.


I sometimes come across other brands, but I find I have less issues with drivers and such with Dells.
My current laptop is an HP, and I had some sound and printing issues I had to resolve before it worked right.

My 13yo workhorse is a Toshiba so I have a soft spot for them but would be okay with Dell and HP.

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