Dell Chromebook De-Googled w/ Linux Manjaro 4GB RAM 16GB $75 (SOLD)

Just finished De-Googling and installing new OS. Also listed on eBay for $85 or buy from here for $75.
Free Shipping-Charger Included.
Great little laptops and they go fast.
If this sells and you are interested in purchasing one, let me know and I can order more (prices may vary).
Linux Manjaro and most Arch Linux Distros work well on these, so if you have a preference let me know.


Which version of Manjaro? KDE? Gnome? Xfce?

Hi, its XFCE. I also uninstalled some of the extra unnecessary apps to save some storage room on the one I use and it works great as my to-go computer.

If I want to buy to Africa would that be possible?

It depends on where in Africa and you would have to pay for part of the shipping cost, I am not sure how much the shipping would be. If you let me know here in Africa are you located, I can look it up.