Deleting Windows Boot Manager after cnix install

Installed cnix on a Surface Pro and running fine. In the Surface UEFI boot configuration, the Windows Boot Manager is still present. Can I delete this with no issues?


You should be able to change your UEFI boot configuration to boot first from your hard drive, second from USB media, etc.

There ought to be no need to leave “Windows Boot Manager” as a UEFI boot option.

Hope that helps!

Thanks very much. I have the order down, just was curious about the Windows Boot Manager. I will now give it the ‘boot’. Good riddance.

On the topic of booting, I wonder if I could ask for help:
I wiped my HD clean of everything (was Windows 10) using GParted and installed Ubuntu 22.04 LTS from a live USB. Sadly, however, it will not boot. To get it to boot I made a live Grub-boot USB. I cannot get Ubuntu to boot spontaneously - will only boot using the live Grub-boot USB.
I am a retired (74-years-old) medic and, sadly, not tech savvy, but can use the terminal if given precise instructions. I would appreciate any help anyone can give. Thank-you.

Sorry @donald49 for the delayed response. I do not clean everything first but choose to wipe the drive while loading the ISO from the USB. I am sorry that I can’t provide more guidance other than loading it again and let the iso wipe the drive.

May be a good question for the main forum.

Thanks for your reply. I will take the question to the main forum.