Degoogled Pixel 3 Graphene OS - A+ New Condition

This phone was sent as a warranty replacement straight from Google and then never used. It is in perfect condition. I have installed Grapheneos, fdroid and Aurora store. New/unused charger is included as well. It is white and 64gb. $210 includes tax and shipping with tracking and insurance.

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Hi Teresa I am interested in buying this phone. Is it still available?

Gail Z

Phone has been sold.

Ok, Teresa I am interested in the specs like how much memory it has and photos please. I will email you from and I recently signed up for the first free email so I am testing it as it was not working under certain conditions. If you don’t mind sending it to both emails please that would be great! I will be sending you an email from those two emails so you can just reply. Thank you!!!

I will watch for your emails today and will be happy to provide the information you’ve requested. Good luck with that first email! I’m so happy to see so many patriots taking back their freedom and fighting against big tech!

I completely agree Teresa! I started this process a little less than a year ago. I am moving along very slowly as I was using Apple devices for everything. Have to back my way out of that and have been overhauling my tech habits hugely.

I look forward to receiving your email response(s).


This phone has been sold

It sure is encouraging and uplifting to hear the actions taken to root out these now intrusive devices! (: So inspiring to hear so many in the golden age (as my sister refers to elders) jumping in!

It sounds like your family is ahead of me in this! Would love to ask questions like what you did with your photos, if you are so inclined?


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