Degoogled phone

I need a new phone soon. What are the advantages/disadvantages to buying an already degoogled phone vs doing it myself. I want to learn how to myself, but if it takes too long maybe I should buy already done and just learn on another phone how to. Would love thoughts on this

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There is something to be said for learning how to do it for yourself. Graphene OS makes it really simple to install on your phone. Connect your phone to your computer and follow the instructions.

I’ve installed Graphene OS on two phones now. The second time was a Pixel 6a. I had some difficulty at first because I missed the beginning instructions. Once I went back to the beginning it was a breeze.

Read the instructions and just see if it’s something you feel comfortable with.


Set aside an afternoon to read through the installation instructions before buying a device.

Graphene OS Install

If it sounds like something you could do, then go ahead and buy a pixel, give it a shot. It’s quite satisfying. The WebUSB-based Installer is simple, however it requires just a little bit of patience and time.

Take your time, learn something new, give it a shot, and ask for help if you get stuck. You can do it!


What if you have a iPhone? Do you have to have a Pixel to get off of the big-tech phone system? How secure is a de-googled and de-appled phone? I mean, aren’t they still in the driver’s seat for the most part? What are the pros and cons?

You don’t need a Pixel to get off the big-tech system, and not many people will be able to help you with an iPhone; if it’s even possible. You can install a variety of custom Android OS on plenty of devices besides Pixel- and it will take Google out of the drivers seat (depending which distro you choose and if you still want to use Google Play services).

But a de-googled Pixel running Graphene OS is the cream of the crop when it comes to security, privacy, and hardening of your device at this stage!

GrapheneGoat created a great post explaining in short how de-googling works, and just how secure it really is. Graphene OS DIY De-Googled Phone Explained

I’m not aware of any way to de-Apple an iPhone. GrapheneOS is pretty sweet, and if you have any experience with an Android device you’ll feel right at home. I went from an iPhone to a Pixel 6 with GrapheneOS and haven’t looked back once.

The de-googled device is just that - no google at all, unless you choose to invite them into your secure device once you’re up and running with it. You are in the drivers seat. :slight_smile:

Another option is LineageOS, which has a much larger ‘supported platform’ list (but no iPhones). The general consensus is that Graphene is the more secure option.