Degoogled New Pixel 3 - Grapheneos and Custom google free apps

New condition as a warranty replacement phone, never opened or used except to wipe google and flash Grapheneos. F-droid and Aurora store are already installed, and I will install your choice of privacy browser and apps, including Newpipe (replacement for youtube), OsmAnd (for googlemaps), and several others which are free from the spying of google and big tech. This is 64gb, white, with new accessories, new case, and screen protectors. I’m not trying to make any money here…just hoping to help those who cannot afford the big price tags elsewhere. This is a great model to start, with a fabulous camera as well. You will notice immediately the drastic increase in battery life with the google spyware gone! $210 covers phone and shipping. I can send pictures if requested. If you just want help degoogling your own device, I’m happy to help with that as well. God bless!

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Hi Terese - I’m interested, but I still use a headphone jack / refuse to use Bluetooth. Does it have a jack? I also use straight talk /Wal-Mart, is this compatible with the Verizon maps under straight talk?
As I’m a genealogist, am I able to use ancestry and my heritage apps or do I just need to switch to using the webpage? I’m just learning all this so I’m not sure about the options yet. Sorry :pensive:
Thanks! Otherwise sounds like what I’m looking for! Yay

This phone has sold.

Hi, is the phone still for sale?