Data Recovery - Thanks Linux!


Just posting this in case it helps someone else out.

While still using Windows months ago, I had a USB 2 Tb drive that was having some issues. When I would connect it, it would sporadically fail to be seen by Windows. It would be doing the “click of death”. I kept trying regularly and a few times managed to get some of the data saved off.
When I finally got Linux Mint installed over the last few days, I decided to try using the drive in Linux to see if it would have better success than Windows.
Lo and behold, the drive mounted and I was able to recover 294 Gb of 347 Gb. The 50 Gb missed are about a dozen .avi files that are clearly messed up.

I rebooted back into Windows and the drive fails there. Come back to Linux and it’s mounted and accessible.

I’m going to go through and confirm the recovered files and then trash this old drive.

Just wanted to let others know since I wasn’t expecting this fortuitous turn of events.


That’s awesome! Yes, Linux has a much more reliable system - plus, Linux is known to have the best file recovery capabilities compared to the Big Tech OSs. :slight_smile: