Cyberpanel for multiple websites


I’ve followed the full server instructions and set up the cyberpanel (and wordpress & email) for a domain name. All looked great…

But, I’m stuck regarding how to set up the email for this second website. If I checked the ReverseDNS etc. and all was 10/10 for the the first time I set it up with the original domain, do I need to do this for the 2nd domain name. seeing as it shares the same IP address?
Do I have to create another DKIM key via the terminal? Or do I edit the key created for the original domain?

Is there a tutorial on how to do multiple sites within cyberpanel? Please let me know, as I’ve been searching, and can only seem to find tutorials that are focused on one site.


What I did was just set up the new web server and then the email server for the 2nd domain name just like you did the first one in CyberPanel.

I did remember having to ask my VPS company to do the ReverseDNS for the same IP with the 2nd domain name and you also have to remember to set your DNS up for the 2nd domain name in your domain name registrar account.

Hope this helps…

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As a side note I have run ka mail server that would handle multiple domains on the same ip address. Mx records would be set up accordingly. You might want to check and see if that is true for your mail server.

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Thank you for your help. My VPS is with Linode, Think I just needed to wait a few days to let it do its thing. It’s working now, so pretty happy.

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Thanks for your help. I will check this out.