Cyber security

I am looking to make one of my mint 19 machine into a sepio computer along with all the encryption and security any recs for how to do it.


Hey @Bravo!
The best approach is to do this during installation. When it asks you about the installation location, you can click on the Advanced Options and then select Use LVM and set Drive Encryption.

However, if you do not wish to do a reinstallation, there is the option of using the Open Source Software called VeraCryp, which you can find below:

If you are part of our LMS (Learning Management System), tomorrow I’ll be uploading a course on how to utilize encryption containers.

+1 on VeraCrypt for anything private, while I harbor no awesome secrets, the idea of having security/privacy is appealing these days. Use full disk encryption at OS level, and on top of that, give VeraCrypt a whirl, it’s very easy to use once you get it installed correctly. Use a strong, but easily memorized password, and either hide it well (difficult) or make it something secure, yet easy to remember. Huge layer of privacy accomplished with VeraCrypt!

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