Customizing partition during installation

I would like to switch distro for my main computer and thought it might be best to at least have a partition for the Home dir. (don’t have a free hard drive to dedicate to Home).

I think we have to have /, /Home, /swap, /root (please correct me if I am wrong)… but not sure what partitions I should create, where each directory should be located, and how big the partitions should be… (as I am writing I think I may be thinking of the directories and partition as the same thing…)

And for swap… I have 44 GB, can’t imagine needing swap… and if I do need it, how much should I make it?

Very confused…

Just figured out the “Home” folder on my desktop is really /home/username/… so if I made a back up for “Home” instead of “home”, I would have missed something?

Am I correct that “root” directory is not “/” ???

Hey @Ai!
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Here’s what I recommend for your custom partition, always depending on the size of your RAM and your drive space.

For the /boot sector, 1GB is more than enough. Most distros set it at 256MB or 512MB. I tend to place it to 1GB in case I do multi-Linux installations that all share the same boot area for their kernel images.

For the Swap, you basically need it if your system has 4GB or less. A good size for it is to have is between 50% to 100% of your total RAM.

The rest can become root, which is indeed the /.

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Hello, @vasileios,

Thank you for the answer. I have plenty of memory but I made the Swap 4GB just in case.

For the rest, I remembered to search for the system requirements for Ubuntu 22.04 desktop and created partition as suggested.

You are always so helpful , I have to remind myself to find the answers as much as I can before asking for help. After all, I am responsible for my digital life but knowing you are there is always a comfort! Thank you! :pray: :nerd_face: