Converting from "Google Sign In" on hundreds of sites, what would be the best approach?

Hi everyone,

I have been using Open Source for two decades now, especially Linux. But one thing I have overlooked was, just how evil companies like Google will become, they ran with the moto Do No Evil back in the days and was seemingly a good company.

I think many was tricked into using Google Email then of coarse the Sign On system. Now I am stuck in their eco system as conveniently I use it on way to many sites, to actually log on to the site and not use the account sign up.

We know Google harvest everything in our gmail accounts, I am on no social sites, but trapped in the Google Sign In ecosystem.

Any advice on the best approach to move away from it, move my mail away from gmail?

@TitanKing great questions! First off, in order to get away from the Google sign in environment, simply stop using it. Sign-in on those websites by creating a username and password. Will you lose any data that was associated with your google log-in? Most likely. Once you have created usernames and passwords on the sites that you have using the Google SSO. Some things on your profiles you MAY be able to download and backup. If you go into it thinking you won’t be able to save ANY profile info and you find some profiles that will let you download or export any data saved on your profile - you will be extra happy!
As for moving from gmail, you can go with a provider like ProtonMail or if you have the time/interest, there is a great tutorial in the LMS on creating an email server on a VPS and there is also one on creating your own personal NextCloudHub server, the choice is always up to you! Just my $0.02. Cheers!!

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Hey @TitanKing and welcome to the forums!

What @BigDaveAZ says is true about ProtonMail. They’ve evolved throughout the years and appear to be solid. Though, as with everything else, time will tell. That’s the one I’m using, in addition to Zoho (for business) and my own VPS.

There is also another email service I’m familiar with, called StartMail. It’s from the creators of the search engine StartPage, which basically uses Google but strips off all tracking.

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Thanks guys! Appreciate the response, I guess it is just about starting somewhere and starting to convert these accounts.