Convert older laptops/desktops

I have a couple of older laptops, was thinking of trying my hand at switching to Linux for the first time on one of them. Does it matter it they a few years back since we changing the entire software guts?

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Hi JingJing. No, you will probably have an easier time with older laptops then with any of the newer ones since most of the bugs have already been worked out with the older. There is usually someone here that can help if you run into an issue. Good luck!

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Almost the older the better. I have a couple laptops from 2012 that run like new. Faster than Wondows new but that is a pretty low bar. I installed Zorin distro on mine.

Woot, ty very much. I was hoping that would be the answer.

Wonderful and thank you so much for mentioning the version of Linux you used. I admit I find all the versions a bit difficult to decide between.

Thank you both very much.

I run Zorin as well on my Desktop, dual boot windows 10 and Linux Mint Mate on my Laptop, and have Manjaro on my de-googled Dell Chromebook. I also de-googled my pixel 4a and installed CalyxOS, but am thinking of trying Graphine instead. But they are all good distros, I think I may have almost tried them all at this point😁

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woot - impressive KatM Way back some one said Mint was pretty good. But I didn’t go forward with it. think I have downloaded a bunch of the distros, just never got to installing.
thanks for responding.