Convert csv file to VCard for email contacts import

In my latest effort to fire Big Tech, I’m moving from Yahoo Mail to Tutanota, which seems to offer what I really needed: fully encrypted to keep it private to me, with a convenient option to send encrypted emails with agreed-upon passwords for sender and recipient. My issue is that my Yahoo contacts list only exports to csv, and Tutanota only imports VCard format. I saw that there are Windows or Mac utilities that will make this switch, but what can Linux do?

With my first cup/coffee I found this link for you …Ma’am … maybe someone going thru the Python Class might comment …

hope this helps … :slightly_smiling_face:

I looked at the GitHub link above. It looks like the python conveter may work but I did not actually use it. If you do not have Python set up and know a little about using python it would take longer to set it up and use the converter than to use something like Thunderbird to import a cvs and export a VCF / Vcard format contact list.
Thunderbird email can import CSV and then export to Vcard. If you are already using Thunderbird it will be easy. If not using Thunderbird yet then you can still import/export without actually setting up an email account. It is a little convoluted but can be done in just a few minutes after Thunderbird is installed.
If you want to continue with Thunderbird then please reply and I’ll be happy to help if you need it.

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Thank You dennis … I’m still focused on Vmware problems and finding new ways to crash installations and such…Python for me is a couple counties over from where I reside at the present …and the only time I look at my email is Saturdays around 4:45 ish est …

I was able to successfully use Thunderbird to do it. Thanks for the idea! I really appreciate it!

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I’m happy it worked for you.