Convergence: What it's like to use your Phone, connected to a Monitor, as your daily driver

My First Week of Librem 5 Convergence
My First Week of Librem 5 Convergence – Purism

Kyle Rankin is the Chief Security Officer for Librem, company that makes the Librem laptop and the Librem 5 phone, from In his position at, he knows the Librem products intimately, so he can give us great insights into those products, as well as his personal use of them.

In this article Mr. Rankin talks about his personal experience of using the convergence capability of using his Librem 5 phone, a USB-C hub, and a Nexdock 2 laptop dock as a daily driver. He describes what he used and how the process went for him.

His Conclusion: "The Librem 5 can definitely replace my personal laptop and I’ve already transferred any remaining files from my laptop over to it, powered down my laptop, and put it away."

"Using a phone that has real convergence like the Librem 5 is a complete game changer. It feels like I’m getting a sneak preview into the future of personal computing."