Conky worth it or not?

Has anyone used Conky or has used anything like it?

Hey @Skinstitcher!
I’ve used it, though not much. The best way is to install it as you normally would. Then download a theme and execute conky alongside with the options for the specific theme you downloaded. If memory serves me well, all the Conky themes and configurations are stored under the respective directory inside your home folder.

I’ve used Conky on It comes with one automatically displaying. You can disable it or change it to a different Conky theme. You can even edit the themes in the Conky editor tool, if you want to change the look of it. Some people like having a Conky that shows basic system information on their desktop.

MX-Linux is an interesting Debian-based distro. It gives you lots of handy tools to repair an/or modify your system, or, if using MX as a live distro, some other system that’s giving you trouble.

It’s also one of very few distros that I’m aware of that lets you easily snapshot your existing working system as an .iso file that it will then burn to a USB for you. That gives you an installable backup of your running system, either with all of your personalizations, including login info, or as a non-personalized version that can be put on multiple machines or distributed, with any customization you’ve done to the distro, but without giving up your personal information. I’ve used that feature to put my personal system on another machine, so the new machine is all ready to use upon rebooting, rather than having to install the stock MX-Linux distro, and then customize it as I like.

Another unique feature that it provides in the install process is the ability to simply check a box during the installation process, if you want the installation to keep any customizations you’ve done while using the live distro. If you want to use that capability, just do your customizations during the live session, to see that it can do things the way you like, and then have the installation save that information. When you boot up after the installation completes, your system will be set up just the way you set it up during the live.

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