Cloning and Synchronizing Computer Setup

Running my desktop on Zorin. Love it. Next step I am getting rid of ipad. I have a small laptop computer. Is there an easy way to clone the laptop from the desktop so that the computers are identical? Settings, Layout, Programs, etc.

Hey @Nestling!
Yes, there is a simple way of doing it. However, you will need to boot from a Live USB (your Zorin installation flash drive) for it to work. The reason is that the system will need to un-mount your root drive in order to create a mirror image. What you will need are the following:

1. A Laptop that is identical to the one you have Zorin installed on
The reason for this is that during installation, Zorin configures the Kernel to abide by the hardware your system has. If you mirror the OS to a system that is different, other hardware will remain undetected and therefore non-functional.

2. An external drive that is larger than the system you’re trying to clone
You will need to store the drive image that you will create.

3. The drive of the new laptop, which must be at least equal to the drive you’re trying to clone
You can connect it via a USB enclosure, which will make it an external one. In that scenario, yes, you will be copying data from one external drive to another.

The most important aspect is the number 1 above. If the other laptop is entirely different than the one you currently have Zorin on, then you can do the following:

Make note of the applications you installed
Gather up a list of the applications you installed on your current Zorin system, but do not install them on your new laptop yet.

Install Zorin on your new laptop
Use the same username and password as you have on your current system.

Copy the entire home folder
Connect an external drive and copy your entire home folder (i.e. /home/your_username) to it. Simply right click on your username folder, select copy and then paste it on the external drive. Then, boot your new laptop from the USB, connect the external drive and copy your home folder to replace the one on the new system.

Install the applications you jotted down earlier
The reason I recommended a full home folder copy is to transfer all the settings you have on your current system. When an application installs, it tends to inherit all the settings that it finds.

I hope the above helps!

Thank you sir, appreciate your direction!

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