Change computer name

Hi! Now that I have a new installation of Mint Cinnamon, I am unhappy with the name assigned to my computer. My username is fine, but the name of the computer is generic and very long. I would like it to be something more specific. Surely there is a setting somewhere that will allow me to change this, but I haven’t been able to find it. Where is it?


The recommended way is to use hostnamectl command which is a part of systemd. It means that you can use this method on any Linux distribution running systemd.

To change your hostname run in a terminal:

hostnamectl set-hostname <New-Hostname>

where <New-Hostname> is whatever you want and its best to keep it shorter than longer.



@mva Thanks so much! That’s a huge improvement!

Glad I saw this! I was wanting to do the exact same thing on a brand new install of Lumbutu.
Thank you.

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