Can't login to Thunderbird email

Hi I have lunix on two computers and Thunderbird email on both. All of the sudden, I was logged out on both accounts and neither is accepting my password. The error message only says this:

Login to server with username jenpatterson failed.

Any ideas?

Try a phone based app to access it. If that returns the same error it’s on the server end.

Hi @Mamoon, thanks for that. I guess I can try on my i-phone (I’ve never used TB on a phone), but it appears it’s not receiving messages either. I didn’t include that at first because I only got one error message from three tests (my sending it a message from my gmail), but the other two error messages have come now too.

It says user unknown in virtual mailbox table.

Are you sure you are using the correct spelling of your name?

It’s only been asking for the password, not the id. Normally, typing in the password works.

Oh wait. I think I see what you’re saying. The email address comes up automatically in my gmail “to” because I send emails to myself regularly. I would have had to have messed that up somehow three different times.

I’m just going to switch to proton mail even though it’s a business account. Thunderbird has been tough to work with in my opinion and it’s clearly broken for me right now.

I have done that very thing by typing it wrong once and using it by default again.

Your title seems to be slightly misleading. Thunderbird is just a local mail client application with user supplied credentials to access a mail service. The settings for the mail account would be where I would start looking as well as it is a high possibility that may be experiencing an issue as well, maybe a configuration issue or lapsed certificates, so many possibilities.

Verify all of your servers, user login, password and security settings. You could verify your user/pass by possibly logging in to for their webmail in your favorite browser(idk if he has a web interface, but worth a try). Certainly they offer a support # you could call as well since obviously your email isn’t working

I didn’t mean to be misleading. This is how I’ve always thought of this (rather crappy) email. If Brax folks had a customer service number, I’d be staying with them. They have an app which only works on a phone and is un-navigatable as far as I’ve ever found.

Oh my gosh, I just realized if I use Proton, it’s still on Thunderbird. Ugh. I hate it. And now I understand what you meant.

If you have a paid proton account, yes you can get your proton mail in Thunderbird by installing Proton Bridge, login and configure from there.

If you choose to store your emails on Proton’s servers, you can access Proton Mail thru a browser. That does not require Thunderbird in order to read/send emails.

I have a paid, Proton Mail account with alias capability. (Their website provides details about that.) Browser access is a breeze.

Installing Proton Bridge allows you to store/send/receive your emails on your own computer. As @MrDeplorableUSA said, that’s when you’d need Thunderbird. Again, see Proton’s website for details regarding the type of account where the Bridge is used.

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Great! Thank you for that. I’m still figuring it out, but I bought the cheaper paid version yesterday.

Good for you! Let us know what you discover so that others don’t need to reinvent this wheel. :slight_smile:

What I discovered is really embarrassing. My braxmail had simply expired. I’m still going to go with Proton though since I can get out of thunderbird that way. Proton customer service looks not awesome, but it won’t be worse than the brax crew. I like what they stand for, but it’s not easy to work with. An email that my account was expiring soon would have been helpful! (for example)

Hahahaha! Nice catch about the email expiration. Life happens.

RE Proton’s customer service: I had some confusion about their VPN a while back and emailed Support for help. They were amazing: quick response, multiple suggestions for repair.

In the end, my situation turned out like yours…user confusion. I like those 'cause they’re so easy to fix. Mine was a simple “wait to start P.VPN until computer is connected to network.” Duhhhh,

Thanks for your update.

LOL thank you for that! :slight_smile:
Great to hear the customer service is good. I was assuming since there’s no phone number.
Onward and upwards :slight_smile:

Best of luck.

Unless you only want to use a webmail setup a local client such as Thunderbird or Evolution is needed along with the Proton Bridge.

The bridge, once installed and logged in to with your Proton user/pass then supplies configuration info for local clients like Thunderbird/Evolution. In fact, the bridge technically acts as a “local” mail server with encrypted transmission between you and Protons mail servers.

Your local client simply uses the info provided by the bridge and setup your local mail client pointing to it.

Install and login to the Proton Bridge:
This is an example of a connected Bridge, after initial install it should prompt to login, if not slect “Open Bridge” (next image) and login on that screen. This is your Proton user/pass.

  1. will least each individual email account(not aliases) that you have signed in to the Bridge with.
  2. Contains all aliases that each account has and allows the Bridge to configure access for local clients connects.
  3. Select one and tap “Configure” The information will be different for each allias allowing for separate inboxes for each alias and accounts. I believe you can have up to 15 aliases for one account but don’t quote me on that.
    4/5. Provide the local mail clients login information for IMAP and SMTP, their ports the username and a different password for each alias created.

Simply input each configured one in to your mail client as a separate account.

Bridge runs at Desktop startup. I have used it on Gnome, Xfce and Mint with no issues.


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