Can't download to a USB

I am trying to download Zorin to a USB ad it ends up in an error. Am I missing a program to accomplish this? If so what is it?
Thank you

That would depend on what you are running currently, i.e. Windows, Mac or any number of LInux distros.

A couple of check points I’m aware of: 1) is the storage destination ( in your case zip drive usb) formatted to receive with plenty of capacity available to handle file(s) size? And 2) what is the file system format type on your usb device? In these two cases select the usb drive and review the space and file format type to see if you have agreement?

For example, Zorin minimum storage space minimum 15GB with file format = ext4 ( In contrast a windows machine is “ntfs” file system known as fat32/64. Storage space size and file system type are precursors for getting a clean download and useable file format recognizable in the native O/S (operating system) environment it is executed.

Hope this helps, happy FOSS adventures!

Hey @OmaBear55!
You’ll need to first download the ISO to your drive. Then download and install Etcher from:

Install it and then run it. From there on, the steps are simple:

  1. Drag and drop the ISO to the Step 1 area that Etcher has
  2. Plug in your USB stick (make sure it’s at least 4GB and that it’s empty, as it will be formatted)
  3. Click on Flash and wait for it to record and verify

Then you can reboot and go to your BIOS or boot manager and select your USB to be the one to boot.

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Thank you so much…This is taking quite a deprogramming from my years of windows but I still feel it is worth it.

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You’re most welcome, @OmaBear55!
It’s most definitely worth it. Once you de-program yourself, you will see everything from a 40,000 feet view and you will be able to understand a lot more on how systems and networks operate. Plus, you will start to attain knowledge of how cybersecurity works, which will serve you greatly!

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I am so excited. I was also getting a request for login info and password as I tried to download Zorin from the USB to my laptop. I learned the proper way to engage the download and will now be exploring zorin of. So proud of myself. :grin:

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