Can Rhythmbox be use with an iPod Nano?

Does anyone know if Rhythmbox can be use with an iPod Nano?
A DuckDuckGo search didn’t reveal anything for me.


Well, there is a lot of info missing with that question, I will give you an answer with qualifiers. Linux Mint 20.3 64 bit, with Rythmbox on it will access and play the Ipod Nano 3rd generation. Just tested it. If make sure that you install rhythmbox-plugins (sudo apt install rhythmbox-plugins) or if you have Linux Mint 20.3 the plugins will install along with rhythmbox. When connected, the ipod will appear as a drive in the left column.


@bthies Thank you good information.

I’ve been researching too and … then I decided on a different route. I’m getting a simple mp3 player for about $30 brand new. That’ll do the trick and save me a lot of money compared to Apple products.

Thanks again

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Hey @Fire - and welcome to the forums @bthies!
Generally, what @bthies said is correct. However, iPods - if connected to Apple Music, utilize DRM files, which cannot be read via any conventional music player. However, if you have purchased the music via iTunes (store), then you can export them all to mp3s and utilize those. However, the connection to Rhythmbox will be done as if your iPod was an external drive, not an actual playback device. In that scenario, yes, you can handle the music and the playlists (I’ve done that for an iPod before). But only for mp3 files.

This is great information too thanks @vasileios .

After more research I found how to access my old iTunes purchased music, which was a ton of music! Apple/iTunes remembered 30 years back. I downloaded all this DRM free music and I transferred it over to my linux machine and Rhythmbox. I’m so happy.

My next step is figuring out how to deal with about 200 audible books, DRM with the file extension aax.

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Hey @Fire!
I haven’t personally done the audiobooks (and I have a few, but my free time is kind of absent :laughing:). We do have a topic on kindle-like books, if memory serves me well. It was a while back.