Build a Surveillance PC & compatible cameras

Any recommendations for a Surveillance system OS DVR/NVR/CCTV ? I’ve seen stuff like Blue Iris, ISpy, Shinobi, Frigate etc. Also want to know the best affordable cameras to use that work with Open Source Apps. Alot of consumer cameras are locked down/proprietary.

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this is a project that I have had on the back burner for over a year now … have a system but after on line set up pulled the plug cause didn’t want to share the feed … if you know what I mean … seems like there is more now that a year ago …

Turning a Raspberry Pi into a surveillance camera is a decent option.

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I have a Ubiquiti Dream Machine that would allow me to add Ubiquiti cameras easily and record the data locally to HDD. I don’t think Ubiquiti is very privacy friendly. I love the pricing and functionality of their equipment however. Maybe someone else has done the research?

This is a decent tutorial for MotionEye which installs nicely on older Raspberry Pi. ME has motion tracking and other nice features. Add as many cameras as you can afford!

Have a docker version of MotionEye set up on my Raspberry Pi 3. It is also compatible with HomeAssistant as an add-on. Really nice system.

Samsung Galaxy 5 cell phone - (lineageOS-degoogled) running live video of my water meter and a degoogled Pixel-XL “kitty-Kam” as well.

Just need to set up the ip addresses with your router and let ME know they are up and running.

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