Brand recommendations New Computer?

What brand of new computer would you buy to run Linux on (or with Linux preinstalled)? Also are there any brands that don’t work well with Linux? Thanks

Hi Katherine! Dell is a good one. Also, System76. Starbook is also an option.


Hey Katherine, I 'm new to linux and went with a new System76 laptop. While doing my research i actually called System76 and spoke with someone who was extremely helpful in answering all my questions. After using the laptop for a few months, i installed the Pop_OS on my old Macbook. Very pleased all around! Do your homework and ask lots of questions. You’ll find something that works for you.


Does anyone have experience with Librem/Purism phones/laptops? Is it a good company/truly security based?

The only negative I’ve heard about them is that the US version of their phone is $2,000. Because of that, I haven’t seen or heard many people with an opinion on the matter. But you can do a web search for “Librem 5 review” or “PureOS review.”

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I just had a System76 Thelio desktop shipped, should arrive shortly, with Pop!OS LTS (currently running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)

The more I learn about this company, the more I like! Check this out, just ran across this, their most recent email newsletter, I love it:

64gb of RAM here we come…! Only took them about a week to assemble after ordering, if anyone is on the fence, I hope this article can help push you over to their side. Buy once, cry once, they aren’t cheap, but neither are their competitor machines at these specs.

System76 for the win!!

New System76 arrived today, I am in computer heaven. This machine is absolutely wonderful, I am really enjoying my first day using Pop! OS, it is very modern, easy to use and very efficient work flow switching between windows/apps, etc.

While you certainly don’t need a System76 to really enjoy Linux, I can confirm that it is the Cadillac of machines that I’ve ever used and after only one day, I cannot say nice enough things about this monster machine! (Thelio Mira desktop, but their minis look amazing as well, and they make laptops also)

I recently upgraded RAM from 8 to 16GB on an old Dell desktop for my spouse, and installed Ubuntu, it is also smoking fast compared to the Windoze junk it was running before. Good luck on your quest for hardware!