Boot error

When booting my Macbook Air (2012) I see this as the first thing on the screen with the shown ‘code’ (see pic) which seems to indicate a boot error. Anyone know what this is? Should I just try a firmware upgrade? If so how does one do a firmware upgrade? BTW, I am running Zorin Pro.

Is this a new install or an existing you don’t want to loose data from?
Unless the machine has had an accident or you have changed peripherals I’d guess the Zorin is the error.

Do you have a Timeshift of it working previously?
Also try booting a live USB and see what develops.
Good luck.

This is not a new install and I would not want to lose some of the data but I can check to verify that my backup is working to my NAS to ensure I wouldn’t lose data.

The machine did have an accident. Around 11/15 a little water got inside. Since then the battery will not charge and I can only run when plugged in. Looks like a bad I/O card. I am pretty sure also that the CPU keeps jumping and running high at times causing some sluggish response.

I do have Timeshift but the last 4 are from this week (to late) but my original on is from June. I could restore that but it seems like my better option is to ensure data is saved and re-install Zorin?

I did order a ‘new’ used MacBook Air 2017 that will arrive Saturday. I was going to just take the SSD from my current machine and put it in the new machine instead of doing a new Zorin install and data migration. But now you have me thinking I may have an issue with corruption on the SSD via Zorin vs just the I/O card on the machine.

What do you think?

Does the machine stop at the screen shot you posted? I would also try the boot from usb & see what’s up.

No it doesn’t stop. The machine goes through and boots up. One of the screens has Goobidy Gook on it but it boots and works except the battery not charging.
I will try the USB boot.
Once I get everything working on my ‘new’ used 2017 model I will try and replace the i/o board on this one but it is a little involved so I didn’t want to risk it without the replacement ready. I will post progress as I get to these steps.

I tried booting from a USB. I tried two different USBs just to be sure. The machine would not boot to the USB. It recognizes the USB as a bootable source but throws errors when trying to boot from it.

Good luck with the hardware replacement, and with the new used machine.

Take your ssd out and caddy it. See if it can still be read.

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