Bitwarden Set Up

I am trying to set up Bitwarden. It is the password manager suggested by Vasilious. I loaded my apps and started using the Bitwarden password generator to change the password on my apps. Its worked on all apps including But it did not work on When I click on the button to send an email, in Brave nothing happens, in Librewolf the word ‘error’ appears. There is a VPN but I get the same with it enabled or disabled. What do I need to do?

Dell laptop Inspiron I3. Asus RT-AC86U, Using Surfshark VPN, Running Zorin OS 16 Linux,

I am not sure this is a Bitwarden issue because there is no “send an email” button. You can always hit the + on the top right hand side and add the site manually.

Thanks for your input chuck, I click on the “B” icon int upper right corner. I then click on “Preferences”, “Security”, then the “Send email to change password” button. As stated, I got no email.

I went to the email settings. I had a primary email and a backup email entered. I deleted the backup email. For some reason the primary email address did not work. I change the primary email to the backup email address and it works.