Best way to move WordPress site away from a hosting company

I currently have a WordPress blog with a hosting company. I have the cheapest plan and got warnings about getting too much traffic. So, I want to host it myself since I’ve learned how to do it from LMS with Mr. V.

I am looking at the UpDraftPlus plugin to move my site.

If anyone has any suggestions the moving process + plugins, I would really appreciate it! :pray:

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Hey, @Ai!
UpDraft Plus appears to be a really handy tool, indeed.
All you’ll need is to go through the Server course we have up on the LMS to set up your VPS. You can start with the nano-node at $5 per month and you can scale it up if you need. You won’t have to re-configure anything to do it. It’s just one click.

Once you do your installation and assign the domain name, then you can install UpDraft Plus on your new Wordpress site and follow the process in the link below:

In worst case scenario, retain a copy of the plugins list you have, so that you can reinstall them.

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What is your hosting company? Do you use an FTP client to connect to it?

@Vasileios, thank you for the link and other instructions, forward is the only way from here on out!

@Phobos, they finally let me have the access, now I am clearing my schedule to move everything to my own VPSs. thank you for replying!

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No problem. Once you understand the raw filling system of the wordpress sub folder system, using ftp makes it a doddle. You sound as though you are on top of it now…Good luck with the rest of your endeavours.


Success! I moved my old WordPress site to my own server! Used All-in-One WP Migration – WordPress plugin | Super easy!