Best Way for Backing Up Phone Contacts

Hey all,

I have a pixel 3 that I purchased from Braxman over a year ago. It’s running lineage os, but I just realized that I have not backed up my contacts because that was usually done through google contacts.

What is the best way to back up my phone to my laptop that runs linux mint.

Thanks in advance.


Hello @Marty and welcome back!
I have not personally tested this extensively (not a big phone guy), there is a good way to connect your phone to your Mint via the KDE Connect Applet. More info on it below:
Applets : KDE Connect Control Center : Cinnamon Spices.

Of course, you will have to also download KDE Connect to your phone, via F-Droid. Then, connect both to the same WiFi (make sure you’re not on VPN at the moment of connectivity - as there’s a different process for the VPN to allow a split-tunneling to your local network). Then you will be able to connect them and it will give you the ability to sync your contacts as well:

The following video will give you a decent idea. The guy is using the KDE (you have Cinnamon) and Android to show how it works, but the process isn’t much different.

I hope this helps!

Thank you so much. I’ll give it a go. I really appreciate the help.

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