Best Distros for a Mac


I actually got a linux box months ago and utilized this forum but I seldom used it and it dawned on me why (don’t know why it took so long!). It wasn’t the linux, it was the computer. It was massive (6 pounds). I had been using a Macbook Air (2 pounds).

Well, I finally got a Mac Air dedicated for linux. It is my preference to have a distro with a Mac look and feel rather than a Windows look/feel.

This being said, I am on the hunt for a distro. Can anyone recommend a distro and why?

Just want to start off on the right foot!

Never had a mac of any sort but I would say this would be independent of a distro and more geared toward the Desktop Enviroment.
try this It’s FOSS article:

Note: Not sure what distro you’re familiar with but these are all Debian/Ubuntu based.

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Hey thanks! (I’d been using ubuntu.)

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I have Zorin Pro on my Macbook Air and Macbook Pro for 1+ years now. I like them alot and use the Macbook Air everyday. For me It does have enough Mac look and feel but the bigger thing is that it just works and works and works. It also has a fast boot though I rarely reboot. Zorin has had pretty good support and community for questions also. BTW my machines are 2012 and run as fast or faster then new with Mac OS.


Wow, that’s great! I’ll check it out.

Zorin looks to me like a good fit.

Which do you recommend between Zorin OS and Zorin OS Lite (Pro Edition)?

I use Zorin Pro on my Macbook Air and Lite on my Macbook Pro.

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Do you have a preference?

I prefer the Zorin Pro. I use the Lite on my Pro because it has a little less horsepower then my Mac Air.

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I just checked the forum after I ordered and downloaded the same. I see that the reason for the selection is as you said.

I am also glad to have helped the linux community with some money.

Thanks and I am all set!

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