Banned from Telegram group

I am currently banned from the telegram group for typing a linux command 3 times.
I have never been banned from anything before (except for work and golf, I live in Australia and I’m not vaccinated).
Is anybody able to help me. I have IT qualifications and have been using linux for 7 years as daily driver. I miss not reading the comments.

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I will look into this for you

Please email with the telegram user name and we will restore you.

How about a problem with telegram channel where you’re not able to view comments? I’ve been a member of that channel for a few months & never had issues before. I can view new posts & see the number of comments but when trying to view comments I get the message “This channel is private. Please join it to continue viewing its content.”. I’m using telegram on Android phone. Have deleted cache, left channel & rejoined, reinstalled… On PC, when trying to view comments i just see blank screen.

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Emailing solved the issue. Thank you!


Thanks for that Caleb. It was fixed in less than 24 hours.

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I am banned from Telegram chat. Did i do something wrong? If so, what did i do? If this was a mistake, please restore me to the chat. Thank you!

@Gl please send an email to to be reinstated and/or get a reason. Cheers!!

Hey @Gl,
What @BigDaveAZ mentioned is a good course. I wish I could help, but I’m no longer an admin on the Telegram channel - nor do I have access to the ban stuff.
However, if you can provide me with your TG username (one that starts with the @) - then I can forward it to someone who can check it out.

I did not have a username so I just now created one. It is @GlennaLad I was appearing as Glenna Ladner but I changed that to GL.

Thank you, Glenna! I’ll relay it to the Telegram Admins.

Hey @Gl!
I just checked with the admins. It doesn’t appear that you are banned. So, please try to rejoin via the following link:

I emailed last night. Would love to get back in the chat too. Was randomly banned months ago. Still tinkering with migrating to Linux; would love to have the chat community.

I’m in now!
Thank you! :grin: