Banned from Jeff's Telegram group again - I give up on the Telegram group

I thought maybe someone would respond to my comment on this forum. I had really wanted to take the Beginning Linux course, but without access to the Telegram group, how would I get the class information and videos? If I don’t hear back from anyone, I guess I’ll try

@healthnut try emailing Cheers!

Thank you, but I’m just tired of getting banned, over and over, when I am not commenting or doing anything that would be a reason to be banned. After I get reinstated, then the next day, or even the same day, I’m banne again. I’m a member of about 20 Telegram groups, and this is the only group that I have this problem with. Seems like Jeff might be able to figure out how to take care of this.

@healthnut The response from support should be able to provide the reason for the banning as well.

I’ve been unbanned several times but never any message or reason. Thanks for helping

I understand. My first attempt to post a video in response to one of Jeff’s nostalgic weekend posts (Coleco Football) on Telegram got me immediately banned - a first for me on any forum. I wrote support and they unbanned me but I never felt comfortable responding to his posts again after that and I ultimately left the Telegram group though I have remained here. Can you pursue the course via communication here? I don’t recall much other than occasional reminders of the course on Telegram.

@ThomasJacobs I left the telegram group over a year ago as it was too much, too fast and hard to get and find replies to posts. I have been here ever since. I hope this helps. Cheers!!

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Dave, thanks I’ll be here too. Have a good weekend.

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I was also looking for how to get unbanned, but after reading these, I suppose I won’t waste my time.

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