Backup Query

Ready to back up files and photo’s on the PC to an external hard drive. Will all those files be readable from linux. I’m imaging yes but want to be sure before going all in.



What do you mean by imaging? Are you just copy/pasting those files to an NFS drive or are you saving your entire image using a software package? Some special imaging software might not run on Linux.

Remember if you just make a manual copy to an NFS drive, you can do a small test by backing up some files to the drive, then boot to a live Linux USB session and have a go reading those files for confidence.


@mva I think he meant he is “imagining” the answer to his question is “yes”.

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Thank you @minty - yes thought I had proof read before hitting send but missed that one. Sorry guys! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Yes, I meant imagining - or guessing?

Thank you @mva will do a test also.