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So I just came from Windows thinking Linux offered greener pastuers for my laptop. I use it for one thing, and it was beginning to get too slow to be consistent on Windows. I figured a switch to Linux would be a simple fix.


I am so pissed right now…so please, someone tell me there is a program to help me that I am missing

On windows, I used a simple program called Move Mouse that repeated a short series of mouse scrolls and clicks for me every hour. Easy program, did the trick perfectly, but the OS was so slow it started to lag and have issues. So upon my switch to Linux I come to find there is, to my total shock, NO PROGRAM that exists for this purpose.

I tried Max Auto Click, but it has no option to repeat the task every hour. Which completely destroys the point of having an auto clicker.

Am I missing something? There has got to be a suitable program out there somewhere. Please help. Otherwise i have to trash this laptop and buy a new one


I went ahead and learned how to write a bash script using xdotool. Seems to be working perfectly, i just have to wait and see if the line I wrote to re-run the command every 3600 seconds works.

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Not sure what your “auto clickers” purpose is, if it just keep alive for power management,you can just disable what you are not interested it. The only thing I keep active on my laptops is low battery shutdown, set for about 15%. I don’t mind my screen going blank, but standby/hibernate features of Linux power management are still quite buggy and I wouldn’t even go as far as to say that they worked with Windoze either.

xdotool is a great little program I use it a lot to automate scripts with “expect” for local usage etc. as for setting it to run “timely” cron would be something to look into.


Xdotool was indeed the solution. Surprisingly user friendly; only took me (a total newbie) about an hour to learn and write a bash script.

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just set 3600 sec (slow mode speed) for Max Auto Clicker and will do the job.

The Max Auto Clicker program web-page:

The Auto Scroll program web-page: