Authentication failed in linux lite

Hi, I just installed linux lite and have been having issues. One is that when I want to run an update or anything requiring authentication, the system does not recognize my password. I did type it correctly, because I checked the key strokes where I could see them and the password is correct. I had this issue lately with mint too and thinking that maybe I had just forgotten my password and also wanting to try another distro, I just installed lite and surprise! Having again the issue with the authentication error. Very frustrating! Also I can’t find my wireless network because there is not driver for the adapter (checked already in terminal), but of course can’t install a driver because I don’t have internet access. Heeeelppp please! :pensive:

Hey @Adry!
Apologies for my response in the Telegram chat. There was another person with the same issue, posted a couple of days ago to which I responded.
Per the password issue, perhaps this is a recent PolicyKit upgrade that has done it - as I encountered it too. Until the update, the command that fixes it is:

faillock --reset

Once you execute it in the terminal, it will reset its perceived “attempts” and allow you to enter it successfullly.

Per the Internet access, I’d highly recommend an Ethernet cable. If your laptop doesn’t have an Ethernet port, you can get an adapter (Ethernet-to-USB) that will allow you to connect. I have 6 of those at my place and they are life savers!

Alternatively, you can hook up your phone via USB and tether Internet from there so that you can do the update.

Please let me know how it goes.

Also, to enable your WiFi, I’ll need the following two elements:
First, which distro have you installed? Is it Linux Mint?
Second, can you please copy/paste (or take a photo and post it here) of the following command:


So that I can see your WiFi module and guide you through its installation.

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NP Vasileios, I figured other people may have posted about this too. I will run the commands you are suggesting and will let you know how it goes. Also I need to get the ethernet cable, seems like the easier solution. Oh, and the distro that I installed is linux lite. Thank you so much!

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It’s my pleasure, @Adry!
Please let me know of the output of the above command so that we can get to the bottom of the WiFi module. :smiley:

Hi @vasileios: as I had downloaded linux lite from a third party site and didn’t verify the iso image, I preferred to do a clean install again of linux mint from the linux website directly. I have now cinnamon in my laptop, used the phone to access internet and downloaded the driver to enable wifi access. So far, so good, but I will be back for sure with more questions, especially if I have again issues with the authentication. Thank you so much!

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You are most welcome, @Adry!
And welcome to the beginning of your Digital Freedom!