Asahi on Mac M1 - function keys and open terminal


I have Asahi running on my Macbook Pro M1 (arm). This is seriously daunting for me. Might anyone know how I can see my function keys and open a terminal?

(I tried posting in the arch linux forum and every time, my post was rejected for too few characters. I tried two browsers.)

the keyboard shortcut is CTRL + alt + t to open a terminal window directly.

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I sure appreciate you replying!

OK, my Mac does not have an alt key. So, I internet searched and various sources said the option key on a Mac is most like the alt key on a windows. So, I tried control + option + t and it did nothing.

Click on the Applications menu on the top left corner of your screen

From the Applications folder, select the Utilities folder, then click on the terminal application to launch it.

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I had already tried that and there was no terminal option but now I looked very closely and there is an application Konsole Terminal. I just did not notice it.

That’s it! Thanks!

(Now I have to figure out why I don’t have sound.)