Article on the State of Browsers

There is always a question of which is the “best”, which is the “fastest”, which is the more “secure” … and all of those things require understanding of the environment you are in. This article - I like - because its talking about the browser itself. Who is based on what - where that is going. A lot of people do not like Firefox because of x, y and z, yet promote Opera. Some absolutely hate Edge but like Chrome. So, for those who dont know what comes from where - just a good quick read on browsers.


Great article. Funny, I have used Brave as my daily driver for a few years and Firefox as my alternative. I just wished firefox loaded a bit faster.


I think it depends on your system. I use Brave as my main browser - and it does hand all the tabs I have open better but Firefox starts faster and runs faster on my system. A few updates back, FF didnt run as fast as it does now. On (one) my laptop where its older, only 8gb of ram, slower cpu - ff starts faster but overall they run the same. But - Brave uses memory much better when I find myself with several instances of browser open and 5 to 20 tabs open each (depending on what Im doing).

So are you saying that when you open up Brave it populates previous open tabs? Or are you saying is operates better with multiple tabs open?

I close all tabs on either browser to onetab - usually - so its rare that Im opening straight into all the tabs. FF starts faster for me than Brave and FF opens tabs faster but in ongoing use - Brave uses the memory much better. FF has and will crash on me but Brave - it has but its much more rare.

Now I get it. Totally understand and agree, thanks.

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Brave is absolutely where it’s at for a multitude of reasons.

I had to reply to the article.

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I am not able to read this article. All I get is a bunch of gobbledygook or “File not found”. Very frustrating.

My $.02
My current choices:

  1. Brave or TOR depending on site and VPN restrictions
  2. Firefox

After reading this article I will take a deeper look at TOR and perhaps start using the Fox more often. The only reason I stopped before was compatibility issues at work. Which I am no longer concerned with :slight_smile: