Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Widevine

Hello everyone,
I am coming from the mac world and I am two weeks into using Linux Ubuntu.

I have an Apple Music subscription.
With the Brave Browser I could add the extension ‘Google Widevine’ for DRM. What do you all think of Widevine?

Does Apple still sell individual songs/albums DRM free (through the iTunes store). If so that sounds like a pretty good idea to me. I could get rid of the subscription and put my money into specific music that I can save locally.

I started moving from Apple Music to Spotify because of Joe Rogan’s open discussions. Then Spotify removed many of his episodes. I cancelled and went back to Apple.

Thanks for your time.

Hey @Fire!
I am in the same category as you are. I have two MacBooks that run macOS and everything else (including another MacBook) that run Linux.
Wildvine is a DRM management tool that allows mainly the streaming content to play on your system. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but I would recommend you use one browser that will play that DRM and then use Brave to do everything else. This will compartmentalize your system so that you can use one app to do your private things on the Internet and another to do the… mainstream, for the lack of a better term. :slight_smile:

Per Apple Music, I have it mainly for my family and I tend to utilize it via my Mac. However, you can still visit your Apple Music via the web by going to and playing it normally from within Linux as well. I just tested it out and it works. The only downside is that you can’t download it from the browser.

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