Anyone using Boxcryptor (or alternatives)?

Hi everyone,

Looking into Boxcryptor as a possible solution for encrypting cloud backups for an added layer of security. Has anyone used this before? Are there better alternatives?

Thanks in advance…

Hey @Jason!
I’ve used BoxCryptor in the past, though I gave up on them because they only had a JavaScript app for Linux, which was excruciatingly slow. I got in touch with them over the years and they didn’t fix it. Truth is I haven’t contacted them in over two years, so who knows.

To offer a difference, their Windows client would encrypt a 1GB file in about 30 seconds, but their JavaScript Linux client needed a bit more than 2 hours, which is beyond ridiculous.

If you look at the other topic (regarding Backblaze), I believe One Backup will be handy for what you need. Otherwise, there’s always the pricey Tresorit which works nicely on Linux. That one is a encrypted cloud provider. Also, the same goes for pCloud, which though has an extra charge for the Zero Knowledge. FYI, Zero Knowledge means that only you have the decryption key.