Anyone have recommendations for zoom alternatives?

For my business I do a lot of training virtually nowadays and I’ve been using zoom because everyone in my field said that’s the best/only option. As I extricate myself from the tentacles, I see zoom is pretty nasty and would love an alternative but haven’t found something workable yet.

Anyone with ideas?

I need the capacity to record the session. Have multiple attendees and be able to see them.

Stephana … Last Saturday in the LMS workshop “Jitsi” was mentioned as the one of the better of many … may be check out this article …5 Open Source Zoom Alternatives & Video Conferencing Software … have a great Thanks Giving :slightly_smiling_face:

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Brave (the Browser) just came out with their own BRAVETALK and I see you can do a call with up to 4 - for free. I haven’t tried it but I LOVE their browser and it’s made to work right inside itself.

Here is the link for start


@stephana I have downloaded and jitsi and used the basic functionality and it is awesome - I am unsure of the recording capability but you can invite and see as many as you like, I believe. Cheers!

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@stephana . I have used jami with success. I also have jitsi and have no complaints with either. My local security expert prefers jami, FWIW.

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I have an account with: They don’t have all the bells and whistle features of Zoom, but it does what I need it to do.

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Jitsi is fabulous - love this completely! Thanks for the recommendation!