Android De-Bloat/De-Google

So not all of the phones we use are able to be Rooted & Custom-Rommed. XDA has some development but some phones we’re stuck with the Stock ROM.

Wanted to get some advice or get a list of what we can do to minimize the Big Tech footprint our devices have.
The App - ADB AppControl seems to be very useful in uninstalling/disabling pretty much anything on most devices. To Debloat carrier & google apps is helpful… we just have to be careful we don’t uninstall the core apps needed for operation. I found this list to be helpful for to see everything on Samsung phones.
Then we can go through the list & mark what is safe to uninstall/disable.

Have you been able to mark the necessary ones? That’s a long list!
I will look into the ADB AppControl app. I’d like to switch to a degoogled phone, but at this point that’s not a possibility, so I find this helpful and I want to learn more.
I’ve manually turned off or uninstalled what I can having looked some of them up. So far, so good. But there is still SO much bloatware. And every time it upgrades, they throw more games onto my phone! Not only annoying, but somewhat suspicious to me. I go in and delete those. But other stuff is not so obvious.