Amateur Radio on LInux

There have been many asking me privately about Linux with Ham Radio. So, I went ahead and created this particular category so that Amateur Radio and Linux questions might be addressed separately from other areas of Linux.

If you’re a Ham and you have questions bring your topics here and some of us will do our best to respond to them.

We have many amateur radio operators who actually do do use Linux as the basis for their logging, and station information, and some of us use Raspberry Pi computers to do things like run Packet Radio Nodes, among other things.

My own radio station consists of several radios tied to a Rasp Pi three, running software by G8BPQ (John, an Amateur in England) who created BPQ node software. We have a bulletin board service, and a “Node” which allows amateurs to connect to my system and then on to others they can’t hear locally.

Packet Radio is a digital mode using AX25 coding (something that is actually used to transfer data over the air, rather than via wires efficiently) and allows for the passing of message traffic, files and even images, all over radio networks, by passing the world of “Internet”.

These are JUST some of the things you can do in Linux.

Tracking satellites is another. Calculating moon bounce signals. You can use certain modes using linux that allow low power, digital communications around the world using an HF radio.

Amateur Radio in almost all countries requires a LICENSE to operate, so we caution you, if interested, contact local hams to get assistance getting your license, or alternatively, you can ask here and we do have a “Amateur Radio” Channel on Telegram. (Telegram: Contact @LearnAboutAmateurRadio)


I’m not a ham, but I use SDRs and the only linux software I can use with my Airspy Mini SDR is GQRX. Nobody else (SDRPlay or Elad, for example) will sell you a SDR with linux software, so I have to dual boot both Linux Mint and Windows. GQRX is nice, but is limited in features for my use (FM Dxing). I would really like to see some Linux software for the RSPs.

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